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 How can you elicit more of those magical "Aha" moments when teaching nutrition to kids? I share some of my successful strategies in this guest blog hosted by the Home Baking Association
 Are you parenting a picky eater? Connie addressess this common issue in her National Nutrition Month blog (includes recipes for healthy kid-friendly dips).
 30 Ways Parents Can Promote a Positive Nutrition Culture has been newly updated. The handout provides simple action steps that families can tackle together. Download and share with the families in your community. 
 Kids were made to move! Learn tips for fueling your young athlete in this blog. 

Welcome to Nutrition for Kids, hosted by registered dietitian, sports nutritionist, speaker and author Connie Liakos Evers. To find out more about her books, handouts or other resources, click on one of the topics above. For news, articles, blogs, tips, recipes and more, be sure to check out our free Feeding Kids Updates.

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