Order our nutrition education toolkit and save $8.00 - $10.00 when you bundle our products. The toolkit includes the books and materials listed below, a comprehensive package for teaching nutrition to kids. The focus is on teaching children ages 5-12 using an experiential, fun, sequential and behavior-based approach. See below for purchasing options.


Included in the Nutrition Education Toolkit:


How to Teach Nutrition to Kids, 4th ed.
copyright 2012, 7"X10", 248 pp.
ISBN-13: 9780964797000

The fourth edition of the bestseller How to Teach Nutrition to Kids includes over 200 cross-curricular activities featuring the MyPlate food guide, children's books, gardening, recipes, food art, label reading, fitness and more. Fun, integrated, and behavior-focused, How to Teach Nutrition to Kids weaves nutrition education with math, science, language arts, social studies, performing arts, physical education, health education and the school cafeteria. Packed with ideas that empower children to evaluate nutrition information, make smart food choices and creatively prepare food, this book is used in thousands of schools, hospitals, scouting programs, 4-H, summer camps, and many other youth-focused initiatives.


Nutrition Fun with Brocc & Roll, 2nd ed.

copyright 2012, 64 pp., 8.5" X 11"
ISBN 978-0964797093

Nutrition Fun with Brocc & Roll combines a discovery approach to learning with a healthy dose of humor. With 42 copy-ready activities, puzzles and recipes, children ages 6-11 will learn to:

  • Put the MyPlate food guide into practice
  • Assess food and activity habits
  • Set goals for good health
  • Decode advertising and food labels
  • Develop basic cooking and gardening skills

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Nutrition Education Curriculum Guide

copyright 2012, 9 pp. (PDF download)

The Nutrition Education Curriculum Guide outlines a complete 1st - 6th grade curriculum that is integrated, behavior-based and sequential. The guide provides detailed guidance for group or classroom education, based on the resources How to Teach Nutrition to Kids, 4th ed., Nutrition Fun with Brocc & Roll, 2nd ed. and the MyPlate food guide. This tool is available immediately as an electronic download (PDF). View a sample page of this tool.

Purchasing Options

Option 1:
Receive the Nutrition Education Curriculum Guide immediately as a PDF download. The books will arrive a few days later, shipped directly from the printer (CreateSpace). Receive the toolkit more quickly and at lower cost using this option.

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Option 2:
If you prefer to receive the Toolkit as a pre-assembled packet which includes both books and a CD containing the curriculum guide, the cost is just $2.00 more/kit. Several school districts have been ordering these packets for educators and school nurses because they are easier to distribute.

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