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ISBN-13: 9780964797000

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A review of How to Teach Nutrition to Kids is posted on the Society of Nutrition Education MyPlate site. "... an invaluable resource for anyone planning to conduct nutrition education with children ages 5-12." 

Completely revised and updated, the 2012 edition includes the new MyPlate food guide!

Teaching nutrition to children early and often is the key to developing healthy eating habits. The fourth edition of How to Teach Nutrition to Kids includes over 200 cross-curricular activities featuring the MyPlate food guide, children's books, gardening, recipes, food art, label reading, fitness and more.

Fun, integrated, and behavior-focused, How to Teach Nutrition to Kids weaves nutrition education with math, science, language arts, social studies, performing arts, physical education, health education and the school cafeteria.

Packed with ideas that empower children to evaluate nutrition information, make smart food choices and creatively prepare food, this book is used in thousands of schools, hospitals, scouting programs, 4-H, summer camps, and many other youth-focused initiatives.

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